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As a kid I always loved old time radio shows. My Father introduced me to old western radio shows, The Shadow and others. But the horror radio shows were always my favorite. There were so many amazing stories that would keep me up at night. This story was developed from one of those old shows I remembered hearing when I was a child. I truly feel Hollywood should look to the radio programs of our youth for inspiration rather than the constant remakes, reboots and sequels we see every day.

The Clock unravels the ghastly events that unfold after a young couple bring an old grandfather clock into their home. What seemed like a harmless purchase quickly turns into a nightmare as the antique clock unleashes a malevolent force that defies all explanation.

As the haunting and inexplicable events begin to escalate, the couple's desperation intensifies, driving them to seek the aid of a spiritual medium. But what they discover in their quest for answers is far more sinister than they could have ever imagined.


Filming is complete and the film is currently in post production eyeing a summer 2023 release.   

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