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DAWN AND THE DEAD is a proposed Action/Adventure/Horror web series that follows the extraordinary journey of a beautiful little girl named Dawn who is blessed with uncharted psychic abilities. Dawn's remarkable powers catch the attention of a clandestine government agency known for exploiting extraordinary individuals. They have developed a groundbreaking machine capable of manifesting the darkest creations from her vivid imagination.

When Dawn mysteriously vanishes, her older sister, Harmony, a fearless and skilled soldier, takes charge of a small elite group entrusted with her rescue. As they embark on a treacherous mission, they encounter a host of allies and adversaries who will shape the course of their desperate quest.

Harmony's team must confront the sinister organization that seeks to exploit Dawn's powers. 

With each step closer to Dawn's rescue, the team discovers the alarming depths of the agency's malevolent agenda. Their objective extends far beyond harnessing the young girl's psychic abilities; it involves unleashing unspeakable horrors upon the world.

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