All times are approximate


Doors open at 10am


BLOCK 1 (10:30am to 12:30pm)


(FF) Lilith

(SF) Five Course Meal

(SF) You or Me

(SF) The Fridge

(SF) Craeos

BLOCK 2 (12:30pm to 2:30pm)


(SF) Knock Knock

(SF) Cardinal

(SF) Secret Santa

(SF) Exhibit Man

(SF) The Rarity

BLOCK 3 (2:30pm to 4:30pm)


(SF) Countryside

(SF) Catharsis

(SF) Detour

(SF) Play Date

(SF) The Foal

(SF) Atomic Ed

(SF) Once Bitten

(SF) The Raven

(SF) Samantha


Doors open at 9:30am


BLOCK 1 (10am to 12pm)


(FF) The Black String

(SF) Under Your Spell

BLOCK 2 (12pm to 2pm)


(SF) It Lies by the River

(SF) Night of the Fluffet

(SF) The Escape Room

(SF) Huvyr

(SF) The Baby Farmer

(SF) Patient Zero

(SF) Zombie

(SF) Framer

(SF) Elevator

(SF) The After Party

(SF) Creaker

BLOCK 3 (2pm to 4pm)


(SF) The Freeze

(SF) Penumbra

(SF) She Must Vanish

(SF) The Poet in the Attic

(SF) The Dam

(SF) Mirror Mirror a Tale of Blood

(SF) Look to the Flowers

(SF) Self Sabotage

(SF) Saturn Through the Telescope

BLOCK 4 (4pm to 6pm)


(SF) Torment

(FF) Subspecies - With a Q&A from the star Denice Duff


BLOCK 5 (6pm to 8pm)


(SF) Noctambulos

(FF) Art of the Dead - With introduction by Writer/Director Rolfe Kanefsky


BLOCK 6 (8pm to 10pm)


(SF) Roommate

(SF) Night Crawl

(SF) Chickens

(SF) Old Book

(FF) Bob Freeman: Exterminator For Hire


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