3 Guys and a Dream

It all started in the year 2002. Rick Danford, Kerry Hogan and Porl DeNicolo were partners in a local indie film production company called Renegade Films. Together they produced the feature film, 'THE WEB OF DARKNESS' which starred Tom Savini and Brinke Stevens.  They also produced a handful of horror shorts as well but wanted something more. They came up with the idea for a film festival that would cater to all genres. Thus the dream began.

They reached out to their friends who owned the State Theater in St. Pete Florida and put the parameters in place. All of the events were held there until the festival was stopped due to the demise of Renegade Films. But talk of the event, the popularity and the opportunity to give as many filmmakers as possible their chance to screen their works and give them their 15 minutes so to speak was too overwelming to resist. 

And with that, the dream has returned.

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