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Dawn and the Dead is the brainchild of Writer/Director Rick Danford. Rick will serve as the Showrunner and will direct the Pilot. We intend to have multiple directors for the various episodes as there is so much talent here and we're excited to work with new filmmakers. The plan is to film 8 episodes at 10 minutes each for Season 1. An additional 10 to 20 minutes will be shot of bridging and extended footage to create a Feature that can be released on DVD and through various Streaming services. There are some very big names in the horror genre who are being factored in for cameos and many local actors and actresses will be featured through out the show to showcase the wonderful talent here locally.  


Dawn is a beautiful 10-year-old girl. She loves her teddy bear, Sponge Bob and her family. She lived a normal life and enjoyed every minute of it, until they took it all away. You see Dawn has a special gift. She has uncharted psychic abilities. And the wrong people found out. A secret agency that no one admits even exists has developed a device that can penetrate the human brain in ways God would never approve of. Having Dawn and her abilities, tied into this device, has given the agency something they only dreamed of, the ability to bring the nightmares from the deepest recesses of Dawn’s imagination to life...ZOMBIES! A weapon of unimaginable destructive power at their fingertips. And this is where Harmony comes in. She’s a soldier. Part of an elite unit that’s only called into play when there is no one else that can get the job done. When things suddenly go wrong, the experiment gets out of hand and her team is wiped out, all except for Harmony, she finds herself as the only one able to free Dawn and bring this nightmare to an end. The agency has never faced anyone like Harmony and soon they will find out what a mistake it was to leave her alive.

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