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Tampa's own Rick Danford is the Creator of the show and looks to put something together that will not only be entertaining but also provide a lot of talented people he has had the good fortune of meeting a chance to display their talents. Much like many other series' DAWN AND THE DEAD will feature a concept and a story line conceived by Mr. Danford, but he will not be directing every episode. Instead he wants to help bring some talented directors to the forefront and give them a chance to work together to bring the most out of this show. He'll direct the pilot episode which he wrote himself and then he intends to bring others in to not only direct other episodes but also to help write the scripts so they get a chance to add their own flavor to the show, while sticking to the overall series arc.


Glenn founded Outcast United Productions based in Central Florida. Through that label he directed the horror feature film RESURRECTING EVIL and the short horror film TABLE OF DEATH. He has a great eye and working with his son Glenn T. Register, they have combined to creating some truly stunning visuals on film. Glenn will be working hand in hand with Rick Danford to bring this show to life and will, himself, direct one or more episodes of the series as well. 



Glenn T. Register, also know by his Father as G2, is a cinematographer and actor, known for his wonderful work on the feature film RESURRECTING EVIL and the short TABLE OF DEATH. He is also an editor and combined with his Father we will be treating the audience to a beautifully shot and wonderfully composed product that will help enhance the viewing experience. 



Austin is a professional comic book artist/creative director and has been since 1994. He has worked with companies like Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, NASCAR and more! After working for Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Dynamite Entertainment and Cracked Magazine on characters in the biggest movies to have come out, he decided to try to be in movies himself. Just starting out, Austin is already known for his stand out work on the short films THE BOOK OF NIGHTMARES, BS MEETING and as the writer/producer and star of LOVE/HATE: THE AMAZING LIFE OF A COMIC BOOK ARTIST. 



Chris has always been a creative person with interests in music, drama, and special effects. He was extremely honored to have the opportunity to work with his mentor, Tom Savini when he was brought on by Rick Danford to assist tom in the feature film, THE WEB OF DARKNESS. Since then he has gone on to do Makeup FX for horror films such as ANDRE THE BUTCHER starring Ron Jeremy and 100 TEARS. Chris has also done some acting in various shorts such as AFTER-LIFE from director Noeland Collins. Chris is also an accomplished musician as played guitar and bass with the Metal Band SOULIDIUM. Chris brings a unique talent to the table and is well known for his practical horror makeup FX.

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